Amtico Form

An enduring collection, rich with rustic textures and timeless designs with a 0.7mm wear layer for long-term performance.

Authentic, classic, Amtico Form.

Amtico Form is a crafted collection of distinctive flooring, with 36 beautiful wood and stone designs. The collection carries organically inspired surface textures and natural colourways, which sit effortlessly amongst modern and traditional spaces alike. Amtico Form encapsulates the beauty of natural materials and enhances them with the practicality of LVT. Also now featuring high performance antimicrobial technology that’s proven to reduce the presence of bacteria by more than 99% over 24 hours, this brings the perfect balance of style and function to any space.

Form Wood

Authentic grains, classic designs

Capturing the beauty of real wood; Amtico Form grains range from a cool wash to a warm amber, all beautifully enhanced by a naturally inspired grain. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary feel, Amtico Form’s wood range is the perfect choice.

Form Stones

Contemporary hues, refined textures

These stones boast a warmth that is accentuated by their beautiful neutral hues and flowing textures. With their contemporary feel, these stones are perfect for adding a much-needed modern touch to any setting.

amtico form mineral

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From contemporary chic to classic elegance, Amtico Form range is the perfect choice to transform any room, be it a home, office or commercial space. Amtico Form is not only beautiful, but also durable, easy to clean and maintain, and long-lasting.

Amtico installation process

Amtico flooring is a versatile choice for home renovations, replicating both wood and tile floors for a customisable look. With an extensive design selection, it’s easy to enhance the appearance of your property. Amtico can also be installed over existing floorboards, increasing efficiency during installation. However, proper floor preparation is crucial for optimal results.

vinyl tile flooring installation
Amtico Form benefits

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